Barn Guest House

  There is a 1400 square foot guest house with a full kitchen and bath and a 400 sq foot deck above the working barn.  Not for the faint of heart — you may have livestock in the stalls below, chickens on the steps, feral cats on the deck, and wine making, or carpentry below.  But it overlooks the vineyard, the counters are beautiful single slabs of redwood, and the kitchen leaves little to be desired. Currently rented.




Car Storage

  We have clean, safe space for 6 cars in our garage.  Located on Carmel Valley Road less than a mile from Quail Lodge it is the perfect location to store cars year-round, or for special events such as Car Week.  6 spaces currently available. Price depends on duration of rental.

Main House:

  The main house is currently being renovated, but has one finished room with office and private bath, private entrance and kitchen privileges.  Rental for a minimum of one month.  Currently rented.

Free Range Eggs

  Our 80+ chickens roam freely on the property and produce the healthiest, fertile, most beautiful eggs you will ever enjoy.  We also have some goose eggs, which are huge and are especially desirable for pastries.  Available for $5.00/dozen, depending on availability.

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

  Our prolific herd doubles approximately yearly. Whether you want a pet to clear your property and diminish fire risk, or lamb chops, we have livestock available by request.   Currently available: 3 rams.

Event Venue:

We have a lovely terrace with fire pit, a spectacular redwood deck with an 18 foot redwood table, a kitchen, a vineyard, and plenty of parking.   Ideal for a small wedding, a corporate team building retreat venue, a small outdoor concert, or a very special dinner.  Availability and pricing depending on event. Currently available.